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by ConnorEfc at 1:45 PM
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As many of you may know, Craft Shark has recently been losing some players, In order to prevent this and make the server more fun for all its player, we're looking for the communities feedback on what you want to see in the server.
These changes can be related to any server or even the website.
Post them below, If we think the idea is well thought through and enough people like it, then we'll implement it.

I'll add a list of planned features once a suggested feature has been accepted.

by shawshark at 2:09 AM
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Hello everyone, By now you all know craftshark has fallen as low as it can get and it was all due to both my laziness and the HUB crashing all the time. Last night I had 2 wonderful people build a new HUB for us. Please thank @ConnorEfc and @Matthijs for there job. The new hub however has been released early to the HUB doesn't crash any more. With this new HUB everything has been redone from plugins to config files, and is all freshly done so there should be an increase in the server in the next few days. I my self am really sorry it has taken this long to...
by shawshark at 12:45 AM
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Hello everyone got some good/bad news lets start with the bad news..
I am not able to come on and maintenance the server as much as I usually do due to personal things but that's not going to change uptime one bit as there is @Cloud_cougar and @AliaRules1 that have access to the backend so start/stop/restart servers.

Now being away will probably mean a lot of things such as the server going out dated towards what other servers have to offer, but you are wrong here is the good news. Over the time I will be able to brain storm ideas, new ways to handle things...
by shawshark at 5:58 PM
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Hello everyone, as promised kitpvp was brought back to the craftshark network and it's better than ever. Thanks to @ConnorEfc for the new spawn. There are many features added to v2 of kitpvp such has
  • Kill streaks - (plus rewards for certain levels)
  • Credits
  • Buyable kits (using credits)
  • Whole re-right of the core plugin
  • and many many more things
Here's a peak at the new spawn..
by shawshark at 9:34 PM
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Hello everyone, it's time for another massive update to our servers. First off I'd like to start off with the minigames servers. Well both me and loderos think hide and seek was terrible, we released it way to early and didn't put much into it so we will be looking into getting a better version out hopefully very soon.

New paint ball server coming very soon, @loderos and me have been testing this plugin for a while and awaiting on some maps. we will be opening it for beta testing for certain ranks to test for any known bugs/glitches. our version of paint ball is a bit of a...
by shawshark at 1:04 PM
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Happy new years everyone, enjoy yourself! :)
by loderos at 3:39 PM
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hello fellow users of craftshark, we have opened up a new moonquest server (which is on a different ip due to version mismatch).
to join the server, follow these instructions:
-download at launcher from
- place the downloaded file in an empty folder
- launch the at launcher and log in using your minecraft account in the account tab
- click on the packs tab and press new instance on the moonquest pack
- IMPORTANT: make sure that biomes o' plenty is selected in the optional mods list or you will not be able to...
by shawshark at 10:42 AM
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Hello everyone, Coming events closing in fast which will be leading for us to have a 50% off all donation ranks in our server store. This sale will be starting 30/11/2013 and will end 10/12/2013. So hurry and get your discount rank today!
by shawshark at 11:08 AM
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Edit: Server files were successfully moved over.

Hello everyone,
Tonight there is going to be a short downtime of the server (max time: 10m) for me to move the main proxy/hub and skyblock to one of our new dedicated servers. This new dedicated server has double the ram and speed compared to the last one, New dedicated server specs..

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620
Ram: 64 GB DDR3
Hard Disk: 2 x 2TB SATA3
In-Coming/Out-Going Network speed: 1 Gbps
CPU clocked at: 3.8GHz (Overclocked)

With this new hardware I'm sure 80% of the lag will be gone :)
by shawshark at 3:28 PM
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I'm happy to announce that I have completed all the basics towards the Skywars plugin. There are a lot of thinks that are in this plugin that you will find more fun then the normal plugin other servers have. Because it's a custom plugin we can start to implement ideas that you guys come up with so if you have a good idea please post it somewhere in the forums please.

At the moment I have opened up 8 Skywars servers theses servers can be accessed at the server hub by tunrbing around when you connect. You will see signs if you find a open server right click on that sign and wait for the game...